Experience The New Wave in Instrumental Music with ARJUN’s new album CORE!!

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What the critics are saying:

Core Cover“When you hear the intricacies of Eddie Arjun Peters’ guitar skills, you will know exactly why there are no vocals on this record… the guitar IS the vocal”  – Middle Tennessee Music

“An excellent album…a consistently impressive and enjoyable body of work” – The Faulkner Review

“ARJUN has truly developed an eargasmic experience that is likely to place the band among some of the greatest performers of our time” – G&S

“A lavish display of rock and jazz…this is perfection” – Sell Out Records

“If you are having doubts about purchasing this album, leave them behind. CORE is near perfect in every way. ARJUN are steadfastly moving instrumental rock into the future, taking with it the noble heritage of the past” – Jamsphere

“…Intriguing musical textures that explode in an enriching musical experience” – The Appetizer

“A mystifying album that will melt you at the “Core” – Shadows Records

“One of the best records I’ve heard all year” – For The Fan

“A great pleasure to listen to…a diverse musical landscape” – Intropink

“Deeply engrossing…“Core” is excellent” – Beach Sloth

“This record demands to be listened to straight through…there’s magic here” – Sir Jorge of Culver

“This is plainly just enjoyable listening” – Indie Band Guru

“There is never a wasted second on “Core”… this one is highly recommended, indeed.” – Forestpunk

“…Revel and escape in this masterful instrumental album!” – Carina’s Music

“The combo of a solid and expressive rhythm section in the form of Myers and Lyles and the artistic vision and technical prowess of Peters come together to create a very unique listening experience on Core” – Windslow Review

“…bombards you with feeling, fervent and wild with anticipation.” – Sergeant Sparrow

“Everything about this record makes me want to take a road trip with ‘CORE’ as a soundtrack” – Blue Harvest Records

“An enriching musical experience” – CMUSE

“Core by ARJUN screams “Play me again!”” – Music Connection